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Early emigrants to North America were mainly protestants or presbyterians. This changed dramatically after 1846; the majority were destitute and desperate Catholics, many of whom spoke only Irish or a poor english. They were mainly illiterate, unskilled and isolated, forming ghetto groups for refuge among their own kind in their adopted land North America

As the Great Hunger took hold in Ireland (late 1840’s ~ early 1850’s), Irish immigration to America came via the Atlantic to the East Coast Ports (Boston, New York, Philadelphia) and over land/sea from Canada, then known as British North America

Emigration Ship

Emigration Ship

Emigration Exceptions

There is one main exception to this claim where emigration was sustained over a much longer period and concentrated from a small area.  Emigration occurred from the south-east of Ireland – counties, Waterford, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Wexford and to a lesser degree Carlow from as early as the late 1600’s of mostly Catholics. Initially, this was seasonal migration to work on the fishing boats and in the fish processing works on the Grand Banks and in Talamh on Éisc (Newfoundland). Permanent settlement became more the norm from the late 1700’s.  View an archived video of those who made this land their permanent home.

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