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It seems appropriate somehow, to have a time for Thanksgiving for all the things we have in our lives.  No matter how happy, sad or ‘other’ we are at any time, there are always things for which we can be grateful

It may be the air we breathe, our family, our health, our eyesight, our mobility, it can be a simple thing like a frosty morning or a glowing sunset.  The moment we appreciate, is also the moment we really come alive

How wise was the mish-mash of ethnicities, that make up America, to set aside a day where they can take time to be thankful, to appreciate…

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

I’ve met many complete strangers through my genealogy research to whom I can be grateful. Some helped me, some informed me and many shared with me

I’m grateful to my family & friends and especially to those who went before me.  Those who through their hard work & diligence survived, raised families and gave me the extended family to which I belong today

Happy Thanksgiving and blessings for the coming year and may you all have very many things to be thankful for again this time next year