Irish Placenames: Political / Religious Divisions


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Alterations to County Borders in Ireland 1898

Rulers rule and boundaries change.  Knowing or being able to find boundaries, their changes and dates of change are essential when researching family history.

An understanding of Irish placenames and their meanings help in genealogy.
A knowledge of the political and religious divisions is necessary to guide our research. The following are list of changes, maps and reference websites to help
Summary of changes to county borders as a result of the Local Government (Ireland) Act of 1898.

Links to the transferred Electoral Districts (DEDs) on the 1901 census showing the transferred areas included, and in addition links to townlands transferred as parts of other divisions , e.g. Urban Districts

County Lines over Civil Parishes

County Lines over Civil Parishes

Placenames in English & Irish

Placenames Database of Ireland, developed by Fiontar (DCU) and The Placenames Branch (Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht)

Irish Sign Post

Irish Sign Post

Index of Townlands, 1901 The Index to the Townlands was published in 1904 by the Commissioners of Census as an aid to the processing of the returns for the 1901 census in order to obtain statistics

Paddy Waldron on Irish Parishes & their Shifting Boundaries
Genealogy is about names, dates and places. These are the bones; family history is the flesh on those bones ~Larry Brennan (founder of Clare Roots Society)

Irish Placenames

The Irish Place Names database is based on the Index to the Townlands, and Towns, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland published in 1861 after the Census of Ireland carried out in 1851

Ordinance of Ireland MapViewer

These maps are particularly relevant for genealogy or those with an interest in social history. Between 1829 and 1842 Ordnance Survey Ireland completed the first ever large-scale survey of an entire country. Acclaimed for their accuracy, these maps are regarded by cartographers as among the finest ever produced.
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